Business Development

Business planning and strategic development are key to developing a thriving physician practice. EPIC’s team includes executives specializing in business development. Medical clients receive strategies based on area demographics, as well as the client’s strengths and opportunities. Because of EPIC’s strong relationships with insurers, medical clients have the opportunity to participate in Employee Open Enrollment sessions and health fairs at local employers. Doctors can increase their patient base by capturing a larger share of employees from employer groups in the area and gain name recognition.

Clients also receive the benefit of legal guidance for minimizing professional liability matters by working with EPIC's on-site counsel. Medical practices can rest assured that they will receive all the guidance to develop policies and procedures in order to practice in compliance with regulations from multiple government organizations and health insurers. Business Development services include:

  • Start-Up Consulting
  • Business Planning & Strategic Development
  • Marketing Services
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Advertising design & placement
    • Marketing material design (brochures, flyers)
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Promotional Materials
    • Open House Events
  • Public Relations
    • News releases
    • Sponsorships
  • Legal Guidance
    • In-House Counsel
    • Malpractice assistance
    • Insurance guidance
  • Policy and Procedure Development