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Compliance is EVERYONE’S responsibility!

Our commitment is to operate with the utmost care and in full compliance with applicable laws and Federal Health Care Program requirements.

EPIC Management Code of Conduct is our formal statement of EPIC’s standards and rules of ethical business conduct and is a key part of EPIC’s Compliance Program.


Reporting Compliance Concerns

If you become aware of any situation that may implicate EPIC’s high ethical or legal standards you must report the matter to the Compliance or Privacy office of your physician, medical group, or health plan. All concerns are kept confidential to the extent possible within our legal obligations and, if you choose, may be reported anonymously. EPIC Management has a no-tolerance policy for retaliation or retribution against anyone who in good faith reports suspected violations.

For EPIC Management and Optum, formerly Beaver Medical Group

The Compliance & Ethics HelpCenter  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can report anonymously, where permitted by law.
Phone:  (800) 455-4521 (U.S.) or find your country’s dialing instructions on the HelpCenter portal.

UnitedHealth Group Compliance & Ethics
Phone:  (952) 936-7463


Compliance Requirements for EPIC Management Medical Partners:

What are you required to do per Federal Regulations?

All prospective employees, including temporary or volunteers, must be screened, prior to hire, for ineligibility/exclusion from participating in any federally funded healthcare programs. Here is a helpful guide and links to complete the mandated screening:

How to Perform Exclusion List Screening Guide
OIG link:
GSA link:      

EPIC Corporate Compliance will have oversight of the mandated monthly exclusion screening for EPIC's affiliated groups (not Beaver). If you need assistance with screening prospective employees please contact EPIC Management Corporate Compliance at (909) 786-0825.

Initial Compliance training, including HIPAA, must occur at the time of orientation and prior to exposure to PHI for all new employees, including temporary or volunteer, executive/senior managers, Governing Body/Board members, and providers. Upon notification of enrollment, you are to review & complete EPIC Management’s Compliance Training and quizzes assigned to you in the Training Center at Re-training and education for all will occur annually.

If you have any questions or require a hardcopy of the training please contact EPIC Management Corporate Compliance at (909) 786-0825.

Code of Conduct


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