Redlands-Yucaipa Medical Group

Redlands-Yucaipa Medical Group (RYMG) was formed in 2003 by local primary care physicians who have practiced in the area for many years. All of the practicing RYMG physicians are board-certified in either Family Medicine or Internal Medicine.

RYMG is solely owned by the primary care physicians. As a self-governed group, they are able to be more flexible and more responsive to patient and doctor needs. Their goal is to provide the best service to their patients.

The primary care physicians received the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all managed care providers in California. They aim to continue at this high level of performance.

Redlands-Yucaipa Medical Group offers an Urgent Care Center open to patients weekday evenings and weekends. The physicians are associated with Redlands Community Hospital and over 100 local, established specialists in the Inland Empire.