Beaver Medical Group

Beaver Medical Group staffs over 200 physicians, most of whom are Board Certified. These physicians represent 25 medical specialties, allowing the organization to provide patients a level of care that is among the highest quality and most comprehensive in the Inland Empire region. Beaver Medical Group has eleven offices located throughout Redlands, Highland, Colton, Banning, Beaumont and Yucaipa. Due to Beaver Medical Group’s popularity in the area, the group has expanded adding three brand new facilities in Redlands, Banning and Yucaipa since 2006.

Dr. Meredith Beaver, a surgeon who trained at the famed Mayo Clinic, established Beaver Medical Group in 1945.

Patients of Beaver Medical Group enjoy many on-site services including:

  • Free Health Education programs
  • Laboratory and radiology services
  • Walk-in clinics open during and after regular hours
  • Medical advice available by phone every day and night of the year

Medical and administrative employees located at Beaver Medical Group facilities are hired by EPIC Management, LP. Healthcare providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, optometrists and physical therapists are hired by Beaver Medical Group.