Compliance Toolbox


Compliance is EVERYONE’S responsibility! Our commitment is to comply with the standards of ethical business behavior as set forth in our Compliance Program and Federal Regulations.

Per Federal Regulations, all employees and providers are required to complete Compliance training within 90 days of hire/contract and annually thereafter. 

Compliance Training includes: 1. Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA); 2. Medicare General Compliance; 3. HIPAA Privacy and Security; 4. Code of Conduct (EPIC Management); 5. Special Needs Plans (SNPs), and; 6. Cultural and Linguistic Competency

EPIC & BMG Safety Training includes: 1. Aerosol Transmissible Disease; 2. Bloodborne Pathogens; 3. Fire & Earthquake Safety; 4. General Clinic / Office Safety; 5. GHS Safety

What are you required to do?

Upon notification of enrollment, you are to review & complete EPIC Management’s Compliance Training and quizzes assigned to you in the Training Center at

Training manuals only (downloadable):

If you have any questions please e-mail EPIC Management Corporate Compliance at; or call 909-786-0822 / 909-786-0825.

Additional Resources:

 Health Plan Code of Conducts: